Weekly Journal: Back

Things were weird for a bit, but I think it’s getting back to normal now.

The first event that set things all out of wack was acquiring the plague for two weeks.  Once that was nearly gone, I was randomly contacted about a job in NYC that set my brain on a spiral out of control. It was coincidentally right before my friend and I took a trip to NYC where the city defeated us and I was exhausted for a week afterward. Then my feet where in pain for what felt like an eternity so I just sat around waiting for them to heal. I’m blaming that on wandering around NYC for days. There was also some crazy stuff happening at work that added to the mix of weirdness.

Finally, with all that weirdness in the past, I think life is feeling normal again.. I have to work a lot this weekend so I took Friday off and cleaned the house like crazy, along with my little vacuum robot. I also switched this blog back to WordPress since it seemed to be dying a slow death over on blogger. The reason I left WordPress in the first place is because I couldn’t figure out how to redirect from my old blog to this one, but now that I have that figured out I am pretty happy with WordPress right now.

I’m glad to finally be getting back to normal!


Back in the Vegetable Garden

Last year my vegetables grew great.

Until my garden was suddenly overcome by weeds and then the vegetable plants got so overgrown and mixed with the weeds which turned into a giant green jungle and I got so overwhelmed I couldn’t look at it.

This year I really wanted to avoid that. So I make sure to spend a few moments once a week pulling weeds and taming the vegetable plants as they grow bigger and bigger.

My camera did a good job with this picture. Check out the detail!

I planted okra for the first time!  But I’ve never cooked with it before, hopefully I can make something good with it.

This year I bought all my plants at a nursery instead of starting them by seed indoors during the winter. It was a lot less work but it took forever for them to get big enough to start making vegetables, so next year I’ll go back to starting seeds indoors.

So far I’ve managed to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and I’m glad to be excited about my vegetable garden again!

You can check out past veggie garden posts here. It’s been a while!

Just (2000 Miles) Down the Road

The interstate in my backyard, if followed long enough, will eventually lead to the small town of Holbrook Arizona.
It’s a little town that the old route 66 used to run right through until it got bypassed in recent years by the construction of big interstate 40. Holbrook also inspired the little desert town in the movie Cars.
The people behind the scenes of the movie Cars apparently spent some time in this cafe, planning out the movie.
(For some reason we didn’t eat there?!!)
We rolled into the town of Holbrook on a chilly late February afternoon, after spending the day wandering through the Petrified Forest. Old neon signs lined the streets, and big dinosaur statues guarded the many little gift shops scattered around.  I wanted to walk around and explore the shops, but it seemed everything was closed. There was nobody around, except for a random car passing by here and there. With the cold wind blowing through, Holbrook felt like a bit of a ghost town. Or at least on its way to becoming a ghost town.
I dreamed of what it might be like, in the hot summer weather, and what it had been like many many years ago.
I still find it amusing, when I listen to the cars on the interstate behind my house, that this little town lies way down the road. And then I dream of racing off, back to the desert.  It’s just 2000 miles down the road!



The Lost Beach

Cape Lookout Island.  Only accessible by Ferry, and with no paved roads.  It was once a home to a small fishing community but is now owned by the National Park system.
A short walk away from the tourist area, down the lonely shoreline, and remnants of the island’s past begin to appear.
Barnacle laden debris from the houses burned down by owners who refused to let them become acquired by the government.
And maybe parts from an old car that became engulfed in a sandstorm, only to appear again some time later.
Conch shells, still inhabited by their original owner can easily be found in the shallow waters.
This beach is different than others. A beach forgotten.

Weekly Journal: Turned Upside Down

The plague is nearly gone, but has still not completely left my body. It lingers in the form of an obnoxious cough. In unrelated news, a rainbow appeared in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

An exciting surprise at work was this mushroom that grew in my flower pot.  It remained there all week.  I wonder if he’ll still be there on Monday. 

A summer meal I prepared for the first day of summer.  My mom and sister came to help us eat it. 

This week I was caught by complete surprise when an opportunity fell into my lap and turned everything upside down. 

A strange thing when distant dreams never thought possible, suddenly can become a reality.. But is it something I really want?  Or was it something that was just entertaining to imagine?  Either way, everything has been turned upside down. Only time will tell what happens.

Nights in Neon

A frigid late November night in Detroit Michigan. We rode the People Mover around and around, taking in the city sights as the sun set.
Hungry for food, we stepped off the train car at the Greektown exit and headed toward the faint glow of pink and blue.
Bright neon lights in the cold winter night, led us down the winding concrete stairs to the loud festive streets of Greektown.
The lights illuminated the walkway, some flickered and gave off a low hum of electricity. It felt a little like being in an alternate universe.
Another corner of Detroit, overflowing with character.

We sat in a Greek restaurant, devouring delicious food and reminiscing on the fun we had that day, wandering our homeland.

Weekly Journal: The Plague

I caught the plague this week. 

Not wanting to use my precious time off as sick time, I stuffed myself with cold medicine and attempted to go to work. But after suffering a few embarrassing coughing fits and an instance where my face leaked from multiple regions, I grabbed my work computer and quarantined myself at home, where I traded my coworkers for cats. 
Funny, because I had chosen this week to be “Health Week”. 

I was going to exercise every day. I was going to eat really healthy.  But instead I had the plague and spent each night laying on the couch binge watching a funny TV show and stuffing myself with who knows what kind of food. 

In other news, My hydrangea is blooming. And my best friend and I are planning another trip to New York City, which fits in perfectly with my habit of getting sick every time I’m about to fly somewhere. 🙂