Pittsburgh Trip- The Incline!

My favorite Pittsburgh activity (besides the Frank Lloyd Wright houses!)  Was the Duquense incline!

It was  a little trolley that had been built in 1877 to bring people up and down the giant hill.
It was a little scary!
These were the gears and wires that made it run.
The view from the top was lovely!

Okay, the next  Pittsburgh post will finally be about the Frank Lloyd Wright houses I promise!


12 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Trip- The Incline!

  1. wow! it didn't look that high in the first picture, bu i would be really, really scared going down!!! so neat how when you get higher you can look over the city.


  2. Wow, that is so cool! I was just in Pittsburgh on my road trip but I was only there at night! I want to go back now so I can see all of these cool things! 🙂


  3. It was used for mass transit before cars were invented, otherwise people would have to walk up the hill! Now it's a tourist attraction.There used to be a bunch of them but now I think there are only two left.


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