Makeup of the Week

 I usually wear the same exact eye shadow combination every single day, but the other week I found myself reaching for the purple that I hadn’t touched in years. I used to wear all kinds of eye shadow and purple was always my favorite, but the last few years I have just been wearing light brown. Every. Day.  So then I had the idea of wearing my makeup differently at least one day a week since I have so many different kinds that I never touch, and I figured blogging about it would be a good way to keep up with it.

Eyeshadow: Flash- Urban Decay
Shading eyeshadow: Oil Slick- Urban Decay                          
Eyeliner: Tattoo Liner- Kat Von D
Mascara: Lash Blast Fusion- Covergirl

What are your favorite colors of eyeshadow?


9 thoughts on “Makeup of the Week

  1. That colour on you is divine! I feel like the same has happened to me. I used to wear bright colours all the time until the last couple of years as well. But then I resorted to just plain white, and as of the last few months no eye shadow at all, even with my liner! So I really love this idea. We should use all these lovely colours we have while they are still good!


  2. Ooo, I love what you did with the design. That purple is such a rich color! My favorite eye shadow color is bronze or gold – I find it really brings out my green eyes.


  3. You look so cute & pretty! I Love the colours when I see them on others but I kinda feel like a clown when I try to use the other colors in an eyeshadow palette. Maybe these looks are better suited to younger ladies? I don't wear makeup very often but when I do it's browns, gold & pinks for eyeshadows. I like the photos you took of the makeup too. The chippy paint looks interesting ~ XO


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