Close up in the garden

I love taking close up shots. I don’t have a macro lens, but I would like to get one someday! But for now, enjoy these semi macro shots of my the flowers in the garden.

I’ll end this post with our friend, the five legged grasshopper!


18 thoughts on “Close up in the garden

  1. oh wow. these are seriously beautiful. i agree with Lucy, if this is without macro, then how mind blowing would the macro lens shots be? i just love the variety of textures and colors, its just wonderful 🙂 this brightened my day.


  2. These are really beautiful photographs, I love the framing. Your passion for your garden really shines through these images!
    Have you ever tried macro filters? They're obviously no where near as good as a proper lens but they're a pretty good substitute, I use them quite a bit 🙂


  3. What a lovely garden you have! So many gorgeous blooms. I love macro lens' too, I just wish they weren't So expensive!! Lally


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