Veggie Garden Update: Flowers Galore!

All of my vegetable plants are in bloom!




My Zucchini haven’t started yet

My bean plant has outgrown it’s trellis!

Good news, my Luffa sprout survived the rabbit attacks and  is doing great! Better news, I have TWO of them! Shortly after posting that update I noticed that two more luffa sprouts popped up, making three! But then a bug came and ate one of them so I was left with two. I’m just happy they grew!

Eggplant flower

 My green beans!

Pepper plant

I can’t wait for all the vegetables!


14 thoughts on “Veggie Garden Update: Flowers Galore!

  1. one thing; i am totally in love with your rusty shed. that thing is gorgeous!!
    beautiful pictures. this is about how my/myparents garden is right now, lots of promising buds, but not a whole lot of vegetables yet, except for banana peppers. meanwhile, we're up to our neck in apricots… and we thought we weren't going to get any lol.


  2. I agree watering your garden in the morning is a good practice for the plants as well as a happy way to start the day that is a nice summertime treat. Scrumptious photos of your beautiful plants and garden.


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