The Junkyard

I’ve always wanted to visit a junkyard.

Something about them has always seemed mysterious and intriguing. So when my brother in law said he was looking for a part for his car and was going to go to a junkyard, I immediately invited myself along!

 It was a lot more organized than I expected.. But I still had fun.

 I realized that each of these cars has a story. Was it someone’s first car? Someone’s favorite car?  Were they sad to see it go? Happy? 

 One day I want to visit a run down, overgrown junkyard.

I have strange goals.


12 thoughts on “The Junkyard

  1. ha ha, i don't exactly think those goals are so strange. this is a great post. you're so right about what you said about all those cars. when i see something like this, i remember what my grandpa commented last winter when we drove by an abandoned farmstead; “there's all that's left of some man's dream.”
    and honestly, i don't think there's a better way to describe it than that.


  2. I certainly didn't! When I first saw them all lined up neatly I was disappointed and almost didn't take any! I'm glad I did though! This one is near that old flea market!


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