What I Wore- Leggings!

Leggings, where have you been all my life?

(Look at that gnat cloud!!)

Outfit Details
Dress: Thrifted but originally from Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Backpack: Thrifted

I’ve had these leggings for years. I’d wear them underneath my jeans when it was really cold, or sometimes to sleep in, but I never though to wear them with a dress before. And now I am obsessed with them! They’re so comfortable, I feel like I could do anything in them!


13 thoughts on “What I Wore- Leggings!

  1. I'm used to wearing tights with skirts and dresses once the weather cools down, but never leggings. I've just never viewed them as 'public-wear', and I can't stand when people wear them as pants. But they do look really cozy under a dress like that! I may have to reconsider my views on them. I did break out my only pair and wear them as pants (oops!) for the Renaissance Faire this year, but I made sure my bum was covered! And I definitely felt a little strange about it.


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