What I Wore- Exploring Bridges

These photos are from two years ago, but I liked them and wanted to post them. They are from an adventurous Saturday in October where we walked on a super high train bridge, explored an abandoned house, walked through a forgotten graveyard and ended up on a creepy pedestrian bridge. I’ll probably post the rest of the photos from that day sometime soon.

This was two years ago and my hair is STILL the same length. What is the deal???

Sadly they tore down this pedestrian bridge recently );
This is my “Are those hobos over there and are they about to walk over to us??” face.
There is something so picturesque about train tracks in the fall!

 Outfit Details
Shirt: Wet Seal
Shoes: Target
Jeans: Forever 21


18 thoughts on “What I Wore- Exploring Bridges

  1. Oh my gosh, these are so amazing! Especially the third and last pictures. Wow! I just love trains and fall colors. Good work, i cant wait to do some picturesque exploring when the trees turn.


  2. Oh I LOVE these photos! Truly luscious fall colors! You have them saved on my laptop and they play as my screensaver. You really have taken some incredible photos over the years. But I'm your mom and pretty much think everything you do is Awesome!
    xo ♥ mum


  3. Wow, this sounds like my ideal kind of day! It must have been so exciting, and great pictures too. The one of the train tracks and fallen leaves is just beautiful. It would be nice to see more, especially of the abandoned house!


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