My Valentine’s Day

We keep it pretty low key around here for Valentine’s day, but that’s how we like it!

We met my mom and sister for breakfast at a place we discovered once while out exploring called breakfast time.
The first flower of the year bloomed that day!  Crocus always used to bloom on my birthday but it’s been unusually cold here so this guy was a week late.
For lunch we got the crazy idea to make grilled cheese chip sandwiches. Man were they good!

I noticed the cats had chewed some of my plants so I took that as a hint that they wanted more greens in their life, and planted some cat grass.
For dinner we stopped by a gas station for some snacks and picked up a little Caesars pizza. We also ordered a jalapeno  cheese sauce and dipped our pizza in it. It was divine. I recommend it. 

So it was mostly a lazy day spent eating strange foods, and what a good day it was!

Also, head on over to my mom’s blog Make it Special for lovely Valentine’s day photos from around her home!

How did you spend your Valentine’s day?


20 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day

  1. I have such a love for chip (or as us Brits call them crisp) sandwiches, especially when tuna is involved. Tasty! So jealous you have some little bulbs peeking though! I'm hoping mine are keeping okay under all the snow that won't seem to melt.


  2. Aww your mom blogs too?! That's so cool! And grilled cheese chip sandwiches? Is this an actual thing or did you invent this in some crazy kitchen experiment? I'm literally going to go try this right now haha. I can't go on in life and *not* know what that tastes like.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  3. This is very lovely, sounds like the perfect way to spend it. Glad to see the kitty cats were involved in the action. I didn't know your mum had a blog, that is so exciting, I will definitely check it out.


  4. Oh the view from your side of the booth sure looks scrumptious on our valentine's brekky feast. I need to go back to that place again soon. My mom would put chips on her sandwiches as well so u are 3rd gen chips on sandwich lover and definitely inventor of grilled cheese chip sandwich ~what a revelation! Clever girl.
    Thanks a bunch for the shout out, baby angel sweetie pumpkin
    xo mom


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