The Front Garden in the Spring

These were taken about a month ago when my spring flowers were in full bloom. I didn’t post them then, because my brain was being weird and convinced me I was waiting for something before I posted them. Since I have no idea what  I was supposedly waiting for, here they are!

The Phlox are my favorite, I only wish they bloomed for longer than a couple weeks! 

The lawn was also filled with pretty flowers! 

This flower garden is only two years old and I can’t believe how much everything has grown! See my post from last year for some before and after shots.

Did you plant any flowers this spring?

3 thoughts on “The Front Garden in the Spring

  1. I love your tulips, I learnt the hard way that i'm not meant o have them in my garden. The silly squirrels eat them just as they start to flower. They totally ignore my neighbors, but they love mine. Ahh well just means I have the excuse to replace them with something new next year! I have to admit, our front garden is a little neglected, it's north facing and doesn't get that much light, certainly need to find something colorful that can make it pop a little!


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