Weekly Journal #39

A local fabric store is going out of business and everything is on super sale. I picked up a few things I have been needing, plus a dress pattern for crazy cheap. I expect I will be making quite a few more trips to this place before it closes for good!

For Saint Patrick’s day we had dinner at my Mom’s house and I made this avocado ricotta bread. It turned out pretty good, the avocado was really mild and made the bread really rich.

After reaching 80 degrees the middle of the week, it dropped down to the 30s by the weekend -_- But even though the weekend was cold and rainy we still went out garden shopping, and tried to decide on a nice new tree.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Journal #39

  1. That's springtime in the south for ya. I loved those warm days but it made the daffodils dry up too fast. I enjoyed sampling your baking. That recipe is a keeper!
    Ps Where'd you get that mouthwatering Mexican food?


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