Weekly Journal #41

Apparently the only day I took any photos was Friday, so I’m not entirely sure what last week even consisted of at this point. I think it was a little bit cold outside, and it may have rained a few days.. Work was pretty average.. I suppose it was a pretty average week.

On Friday we decided to check out a new pizza place downtown where they smoke the crust in a 1000 degree oven. The pizza tasted great and it was pretty fun to watch them smoking all the pizzas while we ate.

After dinner we explored a little bit downtown. There’s always a new bit of street art to be seen.

I hope I can remember to use my camera a bit more this week, but I’m sure I’ll be busy dreaming about our train trip to Washington DC on Sunday. This trip really snuck up on me; it seems only yesterday it was January and I felt like it was forever away.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Journal #41

  1. I can so relate! I try to post an Instragram shot more days than not, but honestly I often find said days slip by and I don't even realize until they're over that I forgot to do so (today is an example of just that). With spring here, perhaps we both need to take a bit more time to stop and smell (and then photograph :D) the roses.

    Many hugs & happy April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


  2. Must have been a busy week if you only took one photo. That glorious pizza photo definitely could stand alone it looks so dreamy. Nifty graffiti, I like Felix …the funniest funniest cat


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