Flower Explosion

One of my favorite things to happen in the spring is the Phlox exploding into bloom.

I can’t believe how much they have grown in the last few years. Now they look like giant pillows made out of flowers.

When we first started dreaming up a garden for the very front of the house, I knew I wanted to have plenty of Phlox draping over the rock wall.

We bought some of every color.

My favorite is this one, called candy stripe, which is sometimes hard to find.

I planted these tulip bulbs last fall, I love how full and plump they look!

I just wish that they bloomed for longer than  couple weeks.
What are some of your favorite flowers to see in the spring?


9 thoughts on “Flower Explosion

  1. Wow this is so beautiful! Here the same is happening and I especially love all those blooming trees… Spring is just BEAUTIFUL!
    By the way, since I moved my blog to wordpress I do no longer have GFC but I would love to continue following each other. Please let me know if we can follow each other on bloglovin or just follow me there and I will for sure follow you back there (I also still follow you on GFC!)
    conscious lifestyle of mine


  2. These are such beautiful shots, the colours are stunning. It's such a nice thing to see the flowers spring into action once it gets to this time of year. The candy stripe tulips you planted are so pretty! – Tasha


  3. These look amazing with all their colour! Sadly, I don't have my own garden so I have to enjoy the blossoms and what other people like to plant! But it's OK, I still get my full of flowers at this time of the year!


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