Weekly Journal #45

It rained like crazy nearly every day last week. I do enjoy rainy days, but being stuck indoors for so long started to bum me out after a while.
Some yummy drinks my Mom and I came up with for Cinco de Mayo 
We bought a few more plants for our shade garden; now it should be complete!
A friend of mine had a graduation party and requested that I bring his favorite cat, Jeeves along. But since Jeeves isn’t much of a party animal I brought the next best thing: A cardboard Jeeves cutout!
 I also made a Jeeves card and some lemon brownies.

Last week was a busy one. Tuesday through Sunday I ended up having plans every single evening! I can hardly believe my brain didn’t explode from all the social interaction. It was fun but I am looking forward to going back to being antisocial this week. 


3 thoughts on “Weekly Journal #45

  1. That was a good week and your post was cute, especially with the humorous bits … Jeeves isn't much of a party animal ~giggles
    But that cardboard cutout of him is inspired! And i want it xo ♡ mom


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