Cemetery Evening


There isn’t much daylight left when we get home from work, so an evening walk in the cemetery quickly turned into a night walk in the cemetery.


I like the Old Salem Cemetery, where the skyscrapers are just barely visible beyond the rolling hills filled with symmetrical headstones.





Just around the curve, you’ll find yourself on a hill which overlooks another portion of the cemetery, where the symmetry is gone and every headstone is unique.  It is an interesting contrast.


The cemetery at night feels like a quiet and calming place. Nobody else was around.

(At least nobody that we could see!)

One thought on “Cemetery Evening

  1. All those rolling headstones are quite eerie looking. It reminds me of the cemeteries you have for soldiers, where it’s all the same headstone over and over. It really highlights the number rather than the individuality of the people.

    I should take a walk around our local cemetery some time after dark, I think that could be quite nice. I keep meaning to pop in on the mornings whilst I’m cycling home. I might just do in the coming weeks.


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