Film in the City

A walk through the city on an early spring evening. The days were finally getting longer, the weather was finally getting warmer.

I took my little Argus camera, loaded up with some film and went to explore a newly built walkway, through the once forgotten part of the city.

I’ve watched this area for years from my work building window.  For years all they did was seem to move dirt around.  Then eventually they built a path.  One day new buildings are supposed to cover this big grassy area. I’m still watching from my office window, wondering if the building will ever start.



2018 has ended already. It seems like after July came around, the rest of the year flew by faster than I could believe.  As always there were some not so great parts, but 2018 was mostly good.

The year started off with a homemade Panettone and a major house de-clutter.

The first trip of the year was seven days spent in the desert.  The first time either of us have ever seen the amazing landscape of the west.  I’ve dreamed about going back ever since.

The spring was oddly filled with many snow storms. Snow fell in March and even April, covering the spring flowers.

A low point of the year was in April when some loser apparently sneezed and ran a red light and smashed into me one morning. My car wasn’t in very  bad shape, but it shut itself down for safely and had to be towed.  I didn’t get it back for almost a month and had to argue with all kinds of insurance people because the guy who sneezed changed his story and tried to blame me. He ended up admitting it in the end though.  Looking back, this was probably the start of the bad anxiety that plagued me for months to come..

I planted my vegetable garden with the goal of not becoming overwhelmed like I had in years past. But… I still got overwhelmed when my plants started getting overgrown and the weeds invaded and engulfed my beautiful tomato plants! I hardly got any vegetables because I couldn’t bring myself to even look at it!!

But I managed to keep my wildflower garden looking pretty good for most of the spring and part of the summer!

One of the little things that has really improved my life this year was discovering the band Ghost, which quickly became my favorite and led me to stop listening to the radio.  I am amazed at how much my mood has improved now that I don’t have to be annoyed at songs or commercials I don’t like coming on the radio. Listening to Ghost makes me so happy, and even made me go to a concert for the first time! Something I had never been interested in before. It was great.

We took two short trips to Asheville and discovered more interesting places along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Including this meadow where cows roamed free.


Finally, after six years, we redid the exterior of our house.  Including painting it light grey, removing the too small shutters, getting new windows and a new porch to replace the rotting one. Also a window box!

While the windows got put in the cats had to be crated so they didn’t escape.  Luckily they did great with no freak outs! 2017 was full of cat freak outs so I was worried.


My best friend Alex and I took another trip to NYC, this time in the summer so we didn’t freeze to death like last time. It was fun, but I felt a little messed up the whole time because I had an interview with a company in Manhattan and probably had a good chance at getting it if a pursued it harder. I still think about what my life would be like in NYC, and if I should have tried harder to get that job.  But mostly I try to block it out so I don’t drive myself crazy.

A crazy project at work occurred and I managed to hurt my wrist by getting a nerve lesion. Over six months later it still hasn’t healed all the way!

In August we took our annual trip to my favorite beach.  It was a lot of fun, but not as fun as it had been the year before. Sometimes life is like that.

I think one of the best parts of 2018 was the weekend trip to Florida, where we stayed in a wild motel, visited the space center and ate the best ice cream ever.


In October I got fed up with the amount of stress and sadness I was feeling and was finally brave enough to make a doctor appointment where I got prescribed some medicine.  It’s been a little tough getting up to the right dosage but overall I feel a lot better. I should have done this years ago!

At work I got promoted to a senior position.  My first day as a senior was an exciting one because hurricane Florence hit and our office leaked all over as we watched live footage of a flag named Kevin get torn up by the storm.  What a day.

For Halloween I decided I wanted to dress up as a character from my new favorite band Ghost.  My sister helped me make this jacket without even using a pattern, and I wore it to my second concert which happened around Christmas time.

In early December a record amount of snow fell, almost 18 inches!  I loved it so much, but it melted way too quickly.


I didn’t set any goals for 2019, but I hope it involves getting a fish tank, going to Europe and remodeling the bathroom.  Oh, and staying happy! And maybe another Ghost concert!


Hope everyone has a great 2019!

Christmas Ornaments

My Mom’s Christmas tree has always been my favorite.  

Filled with vintage ornaments she has collected over the years, it’s a magical sparkling sight.  Almost every ornament is different, and I love admiring them all.

I’ve started collecting vintage ornaments as well. One day I hope to have a tree as pretty as this one!

There are Dinosaurs in Holbrook

The little, almost ghost town, of Holbrook is off of the old route 66 in Arizona. We spent the night there in the Wigwams Motel and had fun exploring this old retro town on a cold and windy winter afternoon. 
I was surprised, and overjoyed to discover all of the dinosaur statues that are just hanging out around town. They are the perfect addition to a town that looks like it’s straight out of the 1960s.
Many of the dinosaur statues live at the Rainbow Rock Shop and were apparently built by the owners of the shop over the course of 20 years.  The other statues once were part of a museum and got relocated to different places in town when the museum closed many years ago.
Holbrook is very close to the Petrified Forest, where many actual fossils and dinosaur bones have been found, so these statues are a reminder of the giant beasts that once roamed these lands.

Holbrook was a fun little town to explore, with all its roadside dinosaurs!

Cemetery Snowfall

My favorite cemetery looked magical during a snowfall last winter. The orange leaves that still clung to some trees made an interesting autumn contrast against the white snow.

It was a rare early December snow. Usually it never snows here until sometime mid January, when all the leaves are long gone.

Wandering around, a cubed snowman and his friend were discovered.

When it snows I like to wander around everywhere.  Everything looks so different in the snow, like another world.

An Antique Store in Detroit

Just outside the middle of downtown Detroit, in an old abandoned brick building just off of a main road, is the coolest antique store I’ve been to.

It was a cold November day, right before Thanksgiving. We were spending the day wandering around my old homeland before heading to dinner at my brother’s house. We decided to choose an antique store to go to, and it ended up being the best choice.

It was filled wall to wall with interesting items as most antique stores are, but the ceilings were also filled. With old lights, chandeliers, and even windows and chairs!

The store was called Detroit Antique and Props. Apparently they either currently, or at one time rented theater props out as well as selling antiques.

The whole store, but the attic in particular held furniture and building materials taken from all the abandoned and crumbling places that fill the city. Bathroom sinks of every color, industrial lights of every size; anything could be found in there.

There were lots of things we wanted, but all that came home with us were two small cameras, since not much else would fit in our small carry-ons that were already stuffed full with a weeks worth of winter clothes.

We often think about coming back to this interesting little place we stumbled upon.

They Tore Down a School to Build an Interstate

A giant pile of rubble was a surprising sight to see one day while driving downtown. A little school was in the process of being torn down, for what I later read, was to make room for the rebuilding of an interstate and the roads surrounding it.
Business 40 interstate which runs through downtown has been a disaster since it was built in the 50s, with narrow lanes and tiny on ramps. This year it is finally getting shut down to be rebuilt into something actually functional.
This sad little school just happened to be in the way of the new interstate improvements.

These next few years will be interesting for downtown’s landscape.