A Spooky Saturday

A Saturday October morning started with a trip to Old Salem with my mom and sister.  It was finally cold out after being close to 90 degrees for months.

We wandered around the farmer’s market, and in the little shops.  On the ground I saw some weird mushroom type things, and this little painted rock with a pumpkin on it.

We went back to my Mom’s house where we talked about Halloween plans and costumes. Eventually our plans led us here.

 Halloween shops always pop up mysteriously, in the shell of a recently abandoned store. Never in the same place, each year it’s always a game to figure out where they will appear.

I started planning my costume, which is my favorite character from my favorite band, Ghost. So next was a trip to Goodwill and then the fabric store to get supplies, with lunch at a Greek restaurant in between shopping.

The costume I decided to create in two weeks!

After realizing I would probably never find a jacket at goodwill that looked similar enough, I decided to attempt to make my own, with the help of my sister who is a great seamstress. We drank Chai tea as cats ran around while we worked.

It was a great Spooky Saturday!


Mountain Cows

I could hardly believe it when we reached the top of Bearwallow mountain. A herd of cows gently grazing on the mountain top meadow. I was hoping to just see one cow, as the hiking guide had mentioned, so I was overjoyed when I saw so many of them!

The cows were really friendly and we were able to walk right over too them.  They were nervous if we got too close so I wasn’t able to touch them.  But I sat on a rock in the middle of them and watched as they wandered around and ate the grass.

Bearwallow mountain was just 30 minutes outside of Asheville. I will definitely want to come back to visit the cows.

Weekly Journal: A Better Week

This week didn’t start off any better than the painfully tedious week before. By Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty over everything. However, things took a nice turn mid week when I got the news that I was promoted to the senior position at work I have been hoping to get for a while!  Things continued to get even better when I got prescribed Zoloft at my doctor appointment. That night I slept better than I ever had, and for the first time ever woke up with so much energy. At 6:30 AM! I am already feeling a lot better and less anxious, hopefully this continues.

Another exciting work event was a surprise hurricane which caused all our windows too leak. It started with one leak, and then more and more kept appearing, sometimes streams of water would pour right in! Everyone kept stopping by to see our new water features. It was a ridiculous time.

Saturday was spent running around to stores with my mom and sister getting ready for Halloween. I decided on a rather last minute costume idea, that involves digging out my sewing machine again, so that will be keeping me busy.

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead. The heat wave of 80-90 degree weather has finally left, and has been replaced with more appropriate 60 degree weather.


Chester Jeeves Day

It’s been six years since we brought these cool boys home!

Cloud had showed up just a few days before, so we went from zero to three cats all of a sudden.  At first it was overwhelming, but now it’s cat party every day!

Chester and Jeeves were rescued along with a bunch of other kittens from a feral cat colony. We didn’t get them until they were around 5-6 months old, so we only have a few pictures of them as kittens that their rescuer gave us. I sometimes wish we could have taken Jeeves’ favorite little grey brother too!


Bearwallow Mountain

Weeks ago on our short trip to Asheville I was trying to decide on a hike to go on.  My decision ended up being pretty easy when I read about one that mentioned the possibility of seeing some cows at the top of Bearwallow mountain.

We took the 30 minute drive to Bearwallow mountain from Asheville, which ended up being another fun trail at the end of a tiny gravel road. Although at first we weren’t really sure where to find the trail once we parked. We eventually climbed around this fence and found the trail a little ways behind it. Strange!

It was a lovely hike through the lush forest.  Almost entirely uphill, but it wasn’t too bad; just a little less than a mile to the top!

The view was great.  But even more great is that there wasn’t just a couple cows like I was hoping for, there was a whole herd!!

The cows were so cute and pretty friendly.  This was definitely one of the best hikes ever.


Monument Sunrise

Monument Valley was one of my favorite places on the Desert Trip.
It was such a peaceful and calming place. We stayed at the only hotel around called The View hotel, which overlooks the giant rock formations. I woke up early to watch the sunrise, before we raced off to our next destination.  There was some snow on the ground, which was a surprising sight to me.
Sometime I’d love to return to this place, and spend a few days here, wandering around the monuments.

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Weekly Journal- The week that lasted forever.

I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies lately.

This meme really spoke to me this week. It accurately sums up how I felt all week at work. This week was so long in fact, that on Thursday I was thinking back to what I thought was a meeting on Tuesday the week before, but it turns out the meeting was actually on the Tuesday just two days ago. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like an entire week had gone by in those two days.

One exciting thing that happened though was when I came home to all these cool vacuum attachments I had ordered. I love all kinds of cleaning supplies.

I did manage to eat pretty healthy this whole week, so that’s nice.

During this week of weirdness I somehow managed to call the doctor and make an appointment for the checkup I’ve been needing since May.

Hopefully this next week is more normal!