Cat Photos Friday #126


The cats really liked their Christmas presents. A lot.


They unwrapped their little gifts in no time and got straight to work, chewing and chasing them all around the house.


They’re still going crazy over these things!


Cat Photos Friday #125 Christmas Tree Cats


The cats love spending time beneath the Christmas Tree.


And destroying the presents!


Cloud was not interested in posing in front of the tree, but can’t resist something to sit on, so I tricked her into posing by placing a book in front of the tree.



Jeeves’ special talent is ripping off his sweater with one kick of his back foot. It happens in such a blur that I’m still not really sure how he does it.

New York City Christmas Sights


For the past few years it has been a dream of mine to visit New York City during Christmas time, and a few weeks ago, I was finally able to!


It was our first day there and we just wandered through the city, taking in all the sights, with no particular goal in mind. It was just starting to get dark as we turned a street corner and I saw some sparkly lights off in the distance.  We raced towards the lights to see what they were, and it turned out to be this insanely decorated store on fifth avenue. As we got closer and closer to the lighted store, we realized we had just stumbled upon the Christmas sights jackpot! What luck!



As we looked down the street we saw Radio City Music Hall, and then right on the other side of the road was the Rockefeller Christmas tree. There was so much Christmas I wanted to run around and scream!

(But that would have been impossible because the crowd of people was EXTREME.)


I was so excited to see all these Christmas sights in person, after looking at them over and over again on my pinterest board. I also thought it was funny that we stumbled on them by sheer luck on the first evening there.

Visiting NYC was so much fun, and I am already dreaming about the day I can go back. I can’t wait to post the rest of my pictures!

Christmas Tree Patch


Every year, on a cold winter’s evening, we all pile in the car to go to our favorite Christmas Tree patch and help my Mom pick out her tree.


The tree patch pops up in late November and surrounds the Krankies coffee air stream trailer with fresh evergreen trees, patiently waiting for a home.


I love running around through the rows of trees in the icy night air, under the string lights, searching for the perfect tree.



The trees cast long shadows over the parking lot and buildings. Everything feels a little spooky.


Especially near the Christmas Tree graveyard!


Before long we found the perfect little tree and my Mom posed with it.


I love the atmosphere of the Christmas Tree lot at night, with the dim lights, the scent of pine and coffee drifting through the air, and the tall shadows cast by the trees as they sit in long rows, waiting to be taken home.

Christmas Lights

It’s a Christmas eve tradition to drive around and look at Christmas lights, after we’re done stuffing our faces with delicious snacks while watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog. It’s such a fun way to end the night.

These are some photos I took on last year’s adventure. It was a cold foggy evening, the perfect Christmas atmosphere besides snow.

I love how the houses stand out, wrapped in their rainbow lights, illuminating the darkness that surrounds them.

This house has an upside down Christmas tree inside!

Do you like to drive around and check out Christmas lights too?

Christmas Tree Patch

Every year we go to our favorite Christmas tree patch to pick out my mom’s Christmas tree. We have been going there for years, and it just has such an exciting, wintery feeling about it.

The Krankies coffee trailer moved to this location a few years ago, and it gets engulfed in Christmas trees every December. 

The scent of freshly brewed coffee fills the air and mixes with the piney scent of the trees.

A cup of hot coffee is the perfect thing to warm your frigid hands while shopping for the perfect tree.

We haven’t gotten our own tree here yet because I know the cats will just climb it and live in it.. Probably chew the light strands while they’re at it.. But maybe one day!

On this trip we were lucky enough to see a delivery of fresh trees! How exciting.

The trees laying down waiting to be put up makes me imagine a Christmas tree graveyard..

I love how the vintage style string lights illuminate the trees and cast long shadows. Giving a slightly eerie look to them.

Steven’s reaction upon seeing this picture: “I look like an NPC..” 

Then we all have a tree decorating party and cover the tree in vintage glass ornaments. I love it! I have never seen a prettier tree,

Do you have any fun Christmas tree traditions?