This November


November feels like a bit of a blur. At the beginning of the month my aunt came to town and we had a fun few days before she and my mom took off on an adventure in Europe. I was in a funk for a few weeks after the horrendous election results. I still can’t bring myself to pay attention to the news without feeling sick and angry so I have been ignoring it completely, which is a weird feeling because I have always been quite up to date on world news and especially politics. Work has gotten very busy but I am still very happy there. I like the work I get to do and my coworkers and I always find a way to have fun with with whatever we’re working on.


Usually the frost comes within the first or second week of October, but this time it held off until mid November. I missed the cold weather, but I didn’t mind having an extra month of vegetables from my garden.


There is a lot of construction and renovation going on in my city so I have been creeping around to document the progress.


When my Mom got back from her adventure we had fun cooking Thanksgiving food and researching ours ancestors. I got another subscription to and am working on my family tree, it is so interesting!

I am excited for all the holiday adventures to happen in December. We are taking a short trip to New York City, which I have been dreaming about doing for the past few years. I haven’t ridden a plane since I was four so I am wigging out.

This September

September flew by so quickly I barely had time to realize that it even was September. Part of that was the hot weather that stuck around for way longer than usual; it felt like it was still August all month!

Maybe it was the prolonged heat that had me feeling lazy. Most days after work this month I didn’t really do much of anything, and my photos are really piling up because I have put off editing and posting them. And I also seemed to have developed a bad case of writer’s block. 

But I did end up doing a few interesting things this month:

We have been exploring a new construction area downtown. I have been keeping an eye on it from my office window at work. 

During the month of September there is an apple harvest festival in town that is always fun to visit. But there are always way too many people for me to get any photos I actually like. (I don’t like having random people in my pictures!) So every year I take the same photo of these apples.

The road I take to work has become the latest construction zone. I thought the holes they punched in it were funny. But what isn’t so funny is the detour that doubles the time it takes me to get to work..
This time of year always get me in the mood for an evening trip to Pilot Mountain to watch the sunset!
My camera collection has been neglected lately, so I loaded up my little Argus 35 mm with some film and took it for a walk around Old Salem. One day I’ll get all these film rolls developed!

The weather has finally started to turn cooler and I am ready to start enjoying fall! 

This August

I used to count down the days until summer was over, but the last few years I have been sad to say goodbye to warm weather, long days and late evening adventures. 

The last month of summer was a good one.

After four years of throwing all our extra money at the house, we were able to pay it off at the beginning of this month!  I still can’t believe he is completely ours. 
We took our yearly beach trip and had way too much fun. We were there for a whole week but it didn’t feel long enough. I want to go back. 

I have been working on sewing a dress from scratch. I will wear it on Halloween!

Many late August evenings were spent exploring. Much of the city is getting renovated and I want to make sure I capture how it once was, before it becomes recognizably new.

August was once my least favorite month, now I have grown to like it quite a bit. I try to squeeze every last bit of summer out before September brings the autumn weather. I am looking forward to the seasons changing, I have found myself staring at all my sweaters in the back of the closet; excited to start wearing them in just a few weeks time. 

This July

July didn’t seem to fly by quite as fast as the two months before, but I still find it hard to believe that it is already August, and summer will be over before I know it. 

July was a good month filled with many new things.

At the very beginning of the month we got a new car!  We had both been driving beat up old cars from the 90s our whole life so it has been quite a change driving this electric bad boy around.
Work has been going well, and this month my group and I got moved to a new area that is filled with windows. I am so excited to have a view and be able to bring in some plants. Also they gave us a title change from manufacturing technician, to manufacturing engineer.
 I never thought I would be called an engineer….
Once again I am so glad to finally have a job I am happy with.

At the beginning of the month we spent plenty of time outside, taking walks and riding bikes, but soon after, a huge heat wave hit and has hung over us ever since, suffocating all who dare to venture outside.
Also, we bought a Beluga Whale. 

Each year that passes, I like summer more and more, so I want to make sure I really enjoy this last month and don’t take it for granted. August is our beach trip month and as usual I am beyond excited to go!

How was your July?

This June

It’s hard to believe, but June seems to have gone by even faster than May

June was a month of late evenings walks..

Making resin jewelry again after too long of a break…

Trying out new recipes; like eggrolls!

Going roller skating, and actually having fun.

And watching all the flowers  continue to bloom in the garden.

I am hoping that July brings more exploring, more flowers, and maybe I’ll finally update my Etsy shop.

How was your June?

This May

Just the other day I was trying to recall the date, and I was trying to remember if it was May yet. I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that, not only was it in fact, already May, but that it was almost June. What happened?  May flew by with incredible speed. 

May brought some wild storms; some of which were followed by rainbows.

We discovered some new garden stores and bought plenty of new plants. 
We have gotten into cooking with tofu, and made this spicy broccoli and tofu dish the other day. It was so good, and healthy!

I also added some purple to my hair and am already dreaming up what colors I’ll add next..

I am hoping that June does not speed by as quickly, because I just love this time of year.

In May my goals were to get back into the habit of having more blog posts scheduled, which I was able to do finally.  Sadly the month just went by too quickly for me to start up my Etsy shop again. (I thought I still had like, two weeks of May left!)

In June my goals are to get my Etsy shop back up and running, work on learning French again, and to just enjoy each summer day. Two years ago it seems we were always going on adventures and I’d like to do that again.

Did May go by quickly for you too?

This April

The first half of April was bitter cold, which is usual for this time of year. But then suddenly it got unusually hot and has felt like summer ever since.  My garden has exploded with flowers and we have been busy adding even more plants to our collection.

 This year we have been working on a shade garden underneath the tree in the backyard. 

We have been taking more walks as the weather warms, and exploring new places in the city.

 We had so much fun on our trip to Washington DC; exploring the city and visiting museums. 

I rode my new bike a few times, hopefully I’ll be able to ride it even more this month.

April was a fun month and I can’t believe how quickly it passed! 
I have been at my new job for two months now, but there is still so much more learning to do. This is the first job I’ve had where I didn’t know how to do every single thing after the first week, and that is definitely taking some getting used to. It’s also hard meeting all new people, and dealing with new social situations every day which takes a toll on my introverted brain, but it’s only a matter of time before that passes. It’s also the only job I have ever had where I am actually doing something that makes a difference in the world, and so for the first time ever I am excited about going to work every day. I just can’t wait until I don’t feel like the “new” person anymore.
 (Plus there’s no repetitive aspect so for the first time in almost two years, my shoulders and back don’t hurt every single day!  Whhaaat??)

For the month of May my goal is to get back on track with my blog posts. In the good ole’ days I would have at least a week’s worth of posts scheduled so I would have a bit more freedom and not feel like I am having to constantly catch up. I have also completely ignored my Etsy shop and I have a bunch of necklaces I need to list and I want to get back into making things again. 

So how was April for you guys?  Do you have any goals for May?