Weekly Journal #66

I’m not quite sure what happened, but these last few weeks have been busy! Here is what I have been up to lately.


Chester and Jeeves have been in a big fight so I have been keeping them separated and slowly trying to get them used to each other, which is a huge time zapper and also stressful. Especially when they kept me up all night!!


At work I have been growing lots of happy little cells and involving myself in probably too many projects.


The other week we took scenic train ride all the way to Georgia and back and rode in a vintage train car.


I finished my Halloween dress just in time Halloween night! I had a creepy fun time with my mom and my sister.

Other things that have been keeping me busy include:

  • Trying to find spots in the house for all my plants this winter.
  • Battling the bugs that seem to want to move in.
  • Constantly vacuuming up cat liter now that we have two boxes.
  • Knitting a blanket I started two years ago.
  • Thinking about CHRISTMAS.

I can hardly believe that Halloween has come and gone and Christmas time has begun! Hopefully things will start to slow down a little bit so I can catch up on blogging. I have a lot of things I want to post about but so little time to sit down and put them together.


Weekly Journal #65

It’s that time of year when I remember that giant blanket I am attempting to knit. It has now been two years since I started it. 
I have a really short attention span when it comes to projects.

It’s also the time of year for eating squash! We have been obsessed with spaghetti squash lately. This is an Alfredo version I made, with my very own sauce.
My Halloween dress is nearing completion! Only two more weeks left to finish it up!

(And then it’s Christmas time!)
The first bonfire of the season, held at my Mom’s spooky house. 

I love this time of year!

Weekly Journal #64

My vegetable garden is overgrown but still churning out the occasional veggie. This was a cool gourd I found growing, but worms had moved in 😦
The weather has finally cooled down and to celebrate, I have been burning my pumpkin candles like crazy.
All these plaid options at the fabric store has me dreaming up all kinds of sewing projects.

The hurricane passed by on Saturday, bringing with it, all the rain we missed out on for the last few months, plus some to spare. I was actually quite excited by all the rain, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed having a cozy rainy day.

Weekly Journal #64

For our three year wedding anniversary we decided to check out a Thai restaurant downtown that we had never been too, and I ordered a delicious curry. I love curry dishes so much and I want to attempt to make my own, so I can eat it all the time.
It finally rained for the time in a month!  For a second I was almost tricked into thinking fall had finally started, but then the sun came back out and the temperature was back in the 90s. (Summer is refusing to go away this year!)
I am finally paying attention to my film cameras again. I got bummed out a while ago when my Canon AE-1 decided to break. But the other day I realized how many other 35 mm cameras I have and decided it was time for them t0 start getting some use.
(And maybe I’ll actually start getting my film developed too!)

Weekly Journal #63

I visited my Mom’s house his week and go to see This Cat! It’s been almost a year since she first showed up and she’s doing great. 
I have been drinking sleepy time tea most nights this week and it has really helped me fall asleep. I have also been trying to get back into reading every night before bed. Something I have not done in many years!
One morning we walked to a local coffee shop for a coworker’s work anniversary and got coffee and biscotti.

This week I became officially bored of summer and am wishing for fall. It has been in the 80s and 90s all month which is strange, usually it would have been colder by now… 😦 

Weekly Journal #62

The road I take to work is now under construction so I have been forced to take an alternate route. They are putting in a traffic circle but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in this location. My drive to work will never be the same again. 
There was a mandatory training class for work located at the main hospital. It was horrendously boring, but my coworkers and I had a bast running around and exploring the massive maze of buildings after the class. Above is a picture of a secret part of the library. Six small stories of cramped bookshelves and hidden desks.  
We finally started fixing up the back room of our house. Currently where the cats sleep at night, and soon to be the new laundry room/office! 

A few days ago was my six month anniversary at my new job, although now it is starting to feel like I have always been there.  This is the longest I have been at a job without being unhappy and having thoughts of leaving. When I first interviewed I had my doubts that it was right for me, but now I see that it is the perfect fit.  The crazy place I spent four years at is finally becoming a distant memory. 

Weekly Journal #61

This last week involved plans to unpack everything from the beach trip, but I ended up being too tired each day and watched helplessly as the house grew messier and messier until eventually, the mess began to cover our still packed suitcases.. Hiding the evidence of my lack of unpacking…. 

I finally got enough energy on Saturday and have been cleaning and organizing ever since. 

Now my goal is to turn my hoard of beach photos into blog posts, and catch up on my blog reading.

A few evenings last week I avoided the mess by running away someplace for a walk. 
A Saturday morning trip to one of my favorite antique stores. 
I think this is the first BLT I ever ate. We decided to try vegetarian bacon, and it was actually pretty good. It wasn’t meaty or greasy at all which is what I hated about normal bacon before. 

It’s a three day holiday weekend for me, and I am hoping to finish all my cleaning goals and work on some blog stuff. Let’s see if that happens!

Weekly Journal #60

A blimp came to town and has been circling the city all week. 
We added another Beluga to the house!  Couldn’t pass up the little guy..
Afternoon thunderstorms have been bringing many rainbows.

Our party week at work was a blast, with multiple birthday celebrations and lunch outings. The party is continuing all this week because I am at the beach!  I can’t wait to share all the beach adventures on here, but until then, you can follow along on Instagram .

Weekly Journal #59

With all the rain we have been getting, the plants have grown like crazy. Look at this monstrous elephant ear!
The view from my desk most of the week. It had been a long time since we’ve had any days like this.
The skies finally cleared by the end of the week and we were able to get out of the house and go for a walk downtown.

I’m looking forward to this next week; Two birthdays at work means two days of cakes, then cupcakes for a monthly meeting plus a lunch outing at a new restaurant. Then we leave for the beach bright and early on Saturday. I am ready to get this party week started!

Weekly Journal #58

Monday was the six year anniversary of our first date, which was the first time I tried sushi and then became completely obsessed with it. So now every August first, we go out for sushi. I chose a mango roll and a spicy vegetable roll.

This week I started working on a dress to wear for Halloween, Cloud and the Beluga whale helped.

The ornamental sweet potato vine is out of control! 

It was another super busy week at work, I am hoping this next week is just a little less wild.