I love how snow makes the world I know, look like a whole new place. How it clings to every surface and transforms it into a magical land.


We only got one snow this winter. I dream of one day living in a place where snow covers the ground most of the winter.


Snow Day


They had been predicting  it for over a week, and it actually happened. A big snow storm!


I love snow so much, but since I live in North Carolina, I don’t really get too see it as often as I would like. Luckily it does snow here a few times each winter. Sometimes we only see a few inches, other times we get nearly a foot, which was the case here!


All these photos were taken in my Mom’s yard. I love how magical and different the snow makes everything look. I love wandering along usual streets, that seem to look unfamiliar in the snow. I wish I lived in a colder climate. I was born in Detroit Michigan, so I feel like I am meant to be living in the north. But I least I am not so far deep in the south that I never see snow, that would be a sad life for me.

Christmas Tree Patch


Every year, on a cold winter’s evening, we all pile in the car to go to our favorite Christmas Tree patch and help my Mom pick out her tree.


The tree patch pops up in late November and surrounds the Krankies coffee air stream trailer with fresh evergreen trees, patiently waiting for a home.


I love running around through the rows of trees in the icy night air, under the string lights, searching for the perfect tree.



The trees cast long shadows over the parking lot and buildings. Everything feels a little spooky.


Especially near the Christmas Tree graveyard!


Before long we found the perfect little tree and my Mom posed with it.


I love the atmosphere of the Christmas Tree lot at night, with the dim lights, the scent of pine and coffee drifting through the air, and the tall shadows cast by the trees as they sit in long rows, waiting to be taken home.

Early Spring Feeling

Early spring is a funny time of year. You can feel the days trying to get warmer, but winter just doesn’t want to let go, and returns as soon as the sun begins to fade away each evening.

The sky says it is still day, but the long dark shadows cast upon the houses say that night is nearly here.

The warm air that held the promise of spring during the day, has once again been replaced by winter’s cold grasp as the darkness creeps nearer.

The sun paints colors in the sky as the cold night begins to take over.

Time to race home and hope that this was winter’s last appearance. 

Photo and Hour: Snow Day

This was Friday, January 22, the day of the big snowstorm. I woke up early and thought it seemed like a fun day to do a photo an hour.

7:00 AM

Drinking coffee, watching the snow fall. We woke up to big pretty flakes falling, but then it just turned into tiny balls of ice. Not so pretty to watch.

8:00 AM

Eating oatmeal and working on blog posts. Keeping an eye on the snow.

9:00 AM

My plants usually start hating life this time of year, with the lack of sunlight. So I trimmed off the dead leaves while Cloud just tried to eat the whole darn plant.

10:00 AM

Vacuuming!  I love this vacuum. It’s cordless and feels so freeing.

11:00 AM

Checking on the snow progress. Still tiny ice balls falling, but there was almost three inches of it!

12:00 PM

Hanging out with these couch potatoes while I did some more blogging.

1:00 PM

Banana bread break!

2:00 PM

Checking out my seedlings. My LED Christmas lights seem to work ok as grow lights, but I think I need a few more strands to really make a difference. 

3:00 PM

Gearing up for a snow walk. The temperature stayed in the 20s the whole day so I had to bundle up.

Still 3:00 PM

The snow walk was short lived. The wind was brutal.

4:00 PM

It’s  a new snow day tradition to make spicy bean chili! This time I made my own spices and it turned out pretty well.

5-6:00 PM

My mom and sister walked down to partake in my spicy bean chili. They brought beers and brownies and it was a good time.
(The squirt bottle serves as a cat warning)

7:00 PM

Keeping warm in front of the fire!

 Luckily I don’t usually work on Fridays so I got to stay home and enjoy a nice snow day.

What do you like to do on Snow days?

What I Wore in the Snow

This was from a few weeks ago when we had our first snow of the year. It only snowed for a few hours and then disappeared completely before midday, which was disappointing.

 It wasn’t very cold out so I thought it would be a good time to wear this new dress I found at the thrift store.  I had been hoping to find a plaid dress for a while so I was very excited when I stumbled upon this one. Maybe one day I’ll find another one that isn’t so short and I can wear it without leggings. That’s one reason I love thrift shopping, you never know when you’re going to find something you’ve been looking for!

Cat Photos Friday #94- Snow Cats

Whenever it snows, I like to take the cats out on their leash to let them check it out. And this time they had their sweaters!

Jeeves had never been out in the snow before. I always thought he would get too cold and hate it, but he actually didn’t mind it!

Cloud’s goal was to chew every piece of grass sticking up through the snow.
Jeeves got so silly he even rolled in the snow!  Good thing he had his sweater on!

(Searching for more grass!)

They all had a lot of fun and didn’t want to come in!

Old Salem in the Snow

After a snow storm last year, we made a quick stop in Old Salem before heading to work, to see all the historic shops and houses nestled under a blanket of snow.

The city of Winston-Salem started out as a small Moravian town in the mid 1700s named Salem. Eventually it merged with the neighboring town of Winston and then, Winston-Salem was born!

Many of the original buildings remain. I love to wander around, thinking of what it was like to walk the same streets those hundreds of years ago.

I love Old Salem in the snow!  Perhaps it should become a tradition when it snows to take a nice stroll through the historic streets of Salem.